Friday, February 25, 2005

Please pray for my boy

It's just past midnight. I just came home for a few minutes from the ICU to write this post because I believe it could make a difference.

We found our sweet three year old son Quinn face down in the pool this afternoon. He is alive and stable now but there remains a very real risk of brain damage. You bloggernacle citizens are righteous people -- I can tell. We are praying for a full recovery for Quinn. Can you please help? Prayer is a form of work but my family can't do all this work alone. We need saviors on mount Zion to help us with this work. All we ask is one sincere prayer for the boy to have a full recovery. (If you can muster any more we would be very grateful). Our extended family and our ward family are already joining in the prayers. I came home tonight to beg for your prayers on behalf on Quinn as well. I got the feeling that it would be worth it.

UPDATE -- Thank you all. We got our miracle. All is well.


My prayers are with you, Geoff. 

Posted by Dave

2/25/2005 12:42:00 AM  

You've got mine, too, and I am pretty sleepless lately. Know he is in the Lord's hands, whatever happens. Remember He loves us even more than we love our children. Have faith. You are not alone. 

Posted by Peggy Snow Cahill

2/25/2005 02:18:00 AM  

You and your family will be blessed for your faith, Geoff. My prayers are with you as well.

I'm pointing M* readers here. I hope you don't mind. 

Posted by Bryce I

2/25/2005 06:05:00 AM  

God bless, Geoff. 

Posted by Ronan

2/25/2005 06:14:00 AM  

Our prayers are with you Geoff. 

Posted by Rusty

2/25/2005 06:28:00 AM  

Our prayers are with you too. 

Posted by Pat Eyler

2/25/2005 06:57:00 AM  

Quinn is in my prayers. Please keep us posted on his progress.  

Posted by sid

2/25/2005 07:08:00 AM  

Prayers sent! 

Posted by Steve Evans

2/25/2005 07:27:00 AM  

Our prayers will be with you Geoff. 

Posted by danithew

2/25/2005 07:59:00 AM  

Your family are in our prayers 

Posted by John C.

2/25/2005 08:01:00 AM  

I will be praying for Quinn and your family.  

Posted by Michelle

2/25/2005 08:02:00 AM  

Quinn and your family are in our prayers. 

Posted by David H. Sundwall

2/25/2005 08:09:00 AM  

My heart goes out. Yes, I will remember you in my prayers.


Posted by annegb

2/25/2005 08:13:00 AM  

Geoff, our family lived through such an experience with my younger brother Seth. Prayers and thoughts for Quinn and the rest of your family.  

Posted by Christian Cardall

2/25/2005 08:29:00 AM  

Definitely Geoff, prayers will be offered on Quinn's behalf. And for you and your family also. 

Posted by cooper

2/25/2005 08:31:00 AM  

Geoff, I just said a prayer for your family and your son. I feel you will be blessed for your faith. 

Posted by Geoff B

2/25/2005 09:03:00 AM  

God bless your son. Check your email. 

Posted by J. Stapley

2/25/2005 09:20:00 AM  

Our prayers are with you. 

Posted by Clark

2/25/2005 09:25:00 AM  

Prayers have been said. God bless you and your family, Geoff. You are living my worst nightmare. 

Posted by Kim Siever

2/25/2005 09:31:00 AM  


It made me teary eyed reading everyone who is willing to help out with a prayer. Our family has been praying for Quinn and we will continue to do so. We love you guys!


Posted by Jamie Johnston

2/25/2005 10:14:00 AM  

May Quinn have a full recovery and may you, your family and friends fhave peace, comfort and strength at this difficult time. 

Posted by William Morris

2/25/2005 10:14:00 AM  

My prayers are with you Geoff.  

Posted by Jack

2/25/2005 10:16:00 AM  

Ahmen, Jamie, my eyes are wet over the support offerred. Our prayers too are with you and especially for Quinn. 

Posted by Don

2/25/2005 11:18:00 AM  

During this time of difficulty I pray that you will find comfort in the Lord and remember the comfort of the dream he sent you recently.

Your son and your family are in our prayers. With love and faith,


Posted by Jonathan Max Wilson

2/25/2005 11:24:00 AM  

You will be in our prayers. 

Posted by dan

2/25/2005 11:44:00 AM  

I'm praying for him too. 

Posted by Janey

2/25/2005 01:53:00 PM  


Posted by Anonymous

2/25/2005 04:30:00 PM  

God be with you. I don't know what else to say or pray, though we prayed for you. 

Posted by Stephen M (Ethesis)

2/25/2005 06:09:00 PM  

I've also posted, asking others to join in prayer for you.

We will continue to think of you.


Posted by Stephen M (Ethesis)

2/25/2005 06:15:00 PM  

Geoff, I'm praying.  

Posted by Rosalynde

2/25/2005 06:37:00 PM  

We have both prayed deeply and sincerely for Quinn ... and you know we aren't prone to that sort of thing. I've been getting my information through dad and Russ, and am heartened at what I've most recently heard. I don't intent to call for the time being for the sole reason that you have other things to deal with. But your family and Quinn are wholly in our thoughts and prayers. We'll talk soon.

Love, TC & Beth 

Posted by T.C. Johnston / Beth McCrindle

2/25/2005 07:43:00 PM  

Praying for your little boy here. 

Posted by kris

2/26/2005 03:45:00 AM  

Just checking in again. 

Posted by Stephen M (Ethesis)

2/26/2005 03:00:00 PM  

Praying for your little guy. 

Posted by Anonymous everywhere

2/26/2005 03:26:00 PM  

Quinn will be in my prayers. 

Posted by Mason

2/28/2005 01:26:00 AM  



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